Why Same Day Crowns are Awesome

If you’ve ever had a crown done before, odds are you went the traditional route. It goes something like this.

1. Dentist recommends crown.
2. Patient moves forward with treatment.
3. Dentist numbs patient, preps tooth for crown, and takes a goop filled, gag-worthy impression.
4. Oops. Impression wasn’t good. Time to do it again.
5. Dentist sends impression to a lab hundreds of miles away.
6. Temporary crown put on.
7. Patient waits 2-3 weeks. Temporary crown comes off a few times. Pain. Discomfort. Can’t chew on that side. The patient returns to the dental office a few times for recement of temporary crown.
8. Finally! The final crown is ready. Patient returns for permanent crown cementation. Dentist numbs. Temporary crown pried off. Permanent crown tried on. Fit isn’t right. The dentist takes another gag-worthy impression. Repeat steps 5-7.
9. After a month or so, the final crown is finally cemented.

Ok so maybe not all of those things have happened to you if you’ve had a crown done the traditional way but we’d bet that some of those things did occur. We’re excited to tell you…. There’s a better way to have things done!

Here’s how same-day crown technology changes things up.

1. Dentist recommends a crown
2. The patient moves forward with treatment.
3. Dentist does a custom shade match and chooses a material based on patient’s specific needs. Preps tooth. Takes a digital impression in minutes with an intraoral scanner (no goop necessary)
4. The patient watches Netflix for an hour.
5. Final crown made in-house. Because impressions were taken digitally and the crown was designed by the doctor and not a third-party lab, the fit is almost *always* perfect
6. Final crown cemented
7. Patient goes about their day/week/month/life with a beautiful, strong, crown.

So which scenario would you choose? At brush365 both of our locations have same day crown technology saving our patients time, money, and the heartache of repeated dental appointments. Consults are always free. What are you waiting for?

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