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Every 3 seconds someone somewhere in the world asks their dentist what they can do to have whiter teeth.

Ok maybe I just made that statistic up. But that’s what it feels like sometimes! Teeth whitening is the number one requested procedure by dental patients and it’s no surprise. Whiter, brighter teeth have long been a sign of beauty and health. At brush365 we understand how important it is to give our patients the tools and knowledge necessary to be able to put their best smiles forward.

Included for all new PPO and Brilliance Plan patients is our Bronze Package. This includes a free set of custom whitening trays that are perfectly form fitted to your teeth for maximum comfort and effectiveness. You also get a free tube of whitening gel that’s good for 3-5 at home whitening sessions. Every 6 months when you come back to see us for your regular hygiene visits, we’ll gift you another tube of bleach just as a thank you for being a loyal patient! You can also purchase more tube of bleach for just $25/each!

If you want to take it up a notch, our Silver Package is best for those who want professional, in-office whitening quickly! Our 20% hydrogen peroxide strips are placed after your cleaning for maximum results. After they’re placed, you’re welcome to leave, run errands, or even take a nap and all the while you’re teeth will be getting powerfully whitened. After 30 minutes, you brush the strips off and voila! You can get up to 3 shades whiter! Using the free whitening trays and bleach from our Bronze Package, you can keep the whitening going!

Looking for a little bit more of a bang but nervous to go full-on ZOOM? Try our Gold Package. This is perfect for those dabbling into in-office whitening or for those who have tried ZOOM in the past and found it to be a little too powerful. This 1 hour long session in our office can get you up to 5 shades whiter in just one visit! You can maintain and keep the whitening going at home with our free custom whitening trays and bleach from the Bronze Package.

If you’re ready to for the best whitening currently on the market, look no further than ZOOM. We have two options for this seriously effective whitening treatment. With our Platinum Package you get one 1 hour and 15 minute in-office whitening session under a powerful UV light. You can keep the results longer by using our free custom whitening trays and bleach from the Bronze Package.

And last but not least is our Diamond Package – this is the ultimate ZOOM package. In addition to everything in the Platinum Package, you’ll get ZOOM Daytime Whitening Bleach and ZOOM Nighttime Whitening Bleach to use in your custom whitening trays. Don’t worry. We’ll still give you the free bleach from the Bronze Package too!


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