Dental Advanced Imaging Now Offered At brush365

Advanced Imaging Is Important!

At brush365, our Frisco Dental Office and Hurst Dental Office are equipped with advanced technologies that allow us to see a 3D representation of your entire skull! This radiographic equipment is called a Cone Beam Computotomagraphy Unit.. or CBCT for short! At our friendly and caring dental practices, we believe access to this kind of pivotal information and insight should be affordable. After researching what most offices charge for this scan (upwards of $300), we decided to cut that fee to less than half. At only $100 per scan, we are able to get virtually unlimited views of your teeth, lower face, and neck in just one scan. 

So why is this kind of technology important? 

In most dental offices in the country, clinicians are making decisions and performing treatment utilizing a flat, two-dimensional (2D) rendition of your teeth as shown in a traditional radiograph (AKA x-ray). While this may have worked in the past, we believe the new standard of care is to be able to see all aspects of your teeth, sinuses, and entire jaw! Some of the benefits include better diagnosis, enhanced treatment planning, and improved patient outcomes. 

For example, when having a root canal performed, your dentist has to be able to locate microscopic canals in order to complete treatment. With our 3D imaging, we can locate these before we even start allowing everyone peace of mind and a sense of direction in achieving the best results with treatment. 


Consider dental implants.

Precision is of utmost importance when a dental implant is placed in order to avoid critical anatomy and in order to ensure that adequate bone is available for implant placement. Utilizing a 2D flat image of your bone provides no semblance of depth, density, and orientation. A CBCT is the best way to guarantee precise and efficient implant placement. 


Other benefits of CBCT images include evaluating for cracked teeth, identifying pathological lesions, ensuring safe outcomes after dental surgery, and having more predictability in treatment.


At brush365, we invested in Ultra Low Dose units that emit less radiation than what you would be exposed to by flying on an airplane or receiving traditional 2D x-rays. This is huge! 


How it works:

THE CBCT imaging system rotates once around your head while you stand. The process is quick, simple, and absolutely painless!


We are so proud to invest in technology that is cutting edge and facilitates a more convenient, stellar experience for our patients.

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